100% share in the authorized capital of MAV LLC

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date of realization:
04-10-2019 at 11:00
Application deadline:
02-10-2019 at 17:00
Type of bid:
Open English auction
detailed description
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100% share in the authorized capital of MAV LLC

Starting price
240 816 000 ₽
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Step upwards
500 000 ₽
The deposit amount
24 000 000 ₽
Kornik Anna


For sale land plot of 2.7 ha, located in the most ecologically clean place of the Sverdlovskaya Oblast - in a coniferous forest on the shore of Lake Tavatuy, 65 km. north of the city of Yekaterinburg, 3 km. from the Serovsky tract. There is its own coastline 250 meters long! Own pier and boathouse.
On a site the two-storeyed inhabited house is located with a total area: 925.7 sq.m., finishing, in an excellent condition, an original lay-out. It can be used both for the owners' accommodation and as a luxury hotel for 10-15 comfortable rooms. Nearby - houses and villas of famous Ural residents.
On a site also the chopped guest house the area of 200 sq.m. and a working bathing complex are located.